Strawberry picking in Wallingford!

Hey guys, it’s been such a long time. I have been caught up with looking for a job , among other things. I wanted to take the time to share this amazing strawberry picking experience.

As soon as we get there,the magic happens, our little one love strawberries πŸ“ and he was so tempted to just have whatever they were selling in the front.

Little did he know that he was walking into strawberry πŸ“ fields. 

His face of wonder was priceless.

He ran up and down with so much joy and awe.

He did some picking here and there, but mami and daddy ended up doing most of the work! 

So beautiful and the scent coming from them were just amazing!

We ate a few here and there as you do when you go strawberry picking.

The beautiful bucket full of fresh strawberry!

All for 5Β£… 

Hope you enjoy this mini post!

I have missed you all…




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