Barcelona with kids part II…

Hey guys, so here it is, i promised you a part two of the Barcelona trip. There are so many pictures to share but i hope these one do the place justice.








Everyone told us about visiting Parc Guell, but little did i know that we were going to fall in love with it, and never want to live the place.


The architecture is just out of this world and you will never find a place that looks liek this anywhere else on earth!


I really hope that’s true!




I just felt like i was in a fairy tale world…


Booking online is a plus, and its a few Euros less than to pay at the door.


You will be very lucky to take pictures without someone you do not know in it.


Everywhere we turned, out little one was playing with the sand and any pebbles he came across. He was completely covered in dust.


Gaudi is Famous for his Trencadis work!


Just stunning!


I fell in love with the shapes and colors of the house of guards…


Here i leave you with a few more snippets of the Park!


Have you visited parc guell?

What was your favorite part of the parc?

Until next time guys!



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