Trunki travel suitcase!

Hey guys, im going to take some time to tell you the pros and cons on this amazing traveling suitcase. As you know, i only review once i have given it a fair try, so i can only give you what i think and what has worked for me.

We got this Zimba the Zebra from trunki.


  • Looks great, cute and compact.
  • Great airport entertainment.
  • Fits clothing and a few toys (if you are a light packer).
  • Great for a child that can carry their own suitcase.
  • Good to burn some energy before the flight.



  • If you have a toddler, you are going top have to carry it all the way to the airplane, and if you pack clothing and toys together it can get a bit heavy.
  • You cant check it in as it could break.


Let me know if this has been of any use by leaving me a comment below. Cant wait to hear from you!

Besos and happy trunki travels!

Note: this is not a sponsored post!



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