Art appreciation day Part Deux …

Hey guys, happy Friday , hoping you all had a great and productive week so far and ready for the weekend!

So today we went down to the Cornerstone art gallery again for an art appreciation day, or more like running around and screaming his little lungs out kind of day. I thought they would kick us out this time, but they are always so friendly here. This time we came with some friends and that spiced up things a bit more, we love to hang it with friends.

Parents disclaimer πŸ˜‰ 

So far, this has been my favourite exhibit, so diverse and fun. 

Graham David Woodall (1950-2015) was born in Oxford. I loved how he portraits nature and his surroundings so well. 

I need to go back again if I get some time, probably alone, so I can soak it all in!

I must say that Audrick and his little buddy had a lot of fun!

The Artist has a particular fondness for trees.

He also ran a pottery studio, they are showing a video here of him teaching arts and ceramics. Audrick found this quite amusing! 

Isn’t this just lovely ? Takes me out far away. 

Hope you enjoy this post, feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts. Till next time amigos! 

Besos πŸ’‹


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