Tips for shopping with a toddler…


Guys, you all know how we need to just get things done, no matter what. Bear in mind that this is what has worked for us, its all give and take…isn’t it?

Here I’ll be sharing some of my survival tips to shopping with a toddler. Please, feel free to add your suggestions in the comments section below. Help a mother 😀!

  1. Plan to go right after breakfast, levels of energy are up and your kiddo is not tired.
  2. Loads of Snacks and keep them hydrated. This particular one helps me a lot when I go shopping with my little one.
  3. Are you into Iparenting ? Take your IPad.
  4. Praise good behavior!
  5. Ignore tantrums , even if you are getting the evil stares, they eventually calm down. I have noticed that the more I respond to tantrums , the louder he gets. Ha!
  6. Make it fun, and if you are up for it, describe what you see or even ask for their opinion on a particular item. You’d be surprise.
  7. Lunch time ? Run for your life and feed your little one, praise good behavior . Full belly = happy child!
  8. Is it time for their nap ? And you still happened to be out. Well, If you are able to put your child down for a nap in their pushchair, encourage it , as cranky baby is no fun.
  9. Baby wearing is a life saver. I still use my Ergobaby carrier. I now carry him in the back as he is now weighing 15 kg.
  10. Extra diapers and spare clothing. Oh, the many times I have had accidents and find myself with no extra clothing. Hot mess!
  11. Toys that they like, not too big or noisy ones.
  12. Take a break and give them a chance to run around a little bit, burn some energy.
  13. Your phone charger will be a big help, as no mother can survive without a phone these days.
  14. Antibacterial wipes. We use this One.
  15. Last but not least, be very patient (sigh) and breathe in and out.

Stay blessed!

Besos 💋


My shopping buddy!


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