Salt of the Earth

The journey of using a natural deodorant began when I had Audrick. You know how you always want the absolute best for your children. I breastfed audrick until he was 14 months , and I read so many articles about how the chemicals in your deodorant find their way to your precious breastmilk. I thought wow, ther are so many things out there to discover and learn about when you are a mother.

I tried many natural deodorants without success, but then one day my sister in law gave me This deodorant to try on, and oh man, that was it, I was sold. This deodorant not only smells amazing but the protection last for the whole day.  

The day this deodorant was put to the test was in my recent trip to the Dominican Republic 🇩🇴, where you sweat like a pig (lol), I’m not kidding.

But Hey, what do you know ? This thing is just pure and heavenly. The lavender and vanilla scent are so subtle and refreshing. I even got compliments! 

Guys, so there you have it! This stuff is amazing!

An the best thing yet, it doesn’t leave white marks on your underarms , or stains your clothing. It also dries quickly. Suitable for vegans and not tested on lovely animals! Come on! 

I hope that if you are looking for the perfect natural deorant like I was , you find it in this one.

Note: not sponsored…

Besos 💋,


6 thoughts on “Salt of the Earth

  1. chicmom2016 says:

    Okay, this might be TMI, BUT! I’m SO glad you made this post, I want to convert to a natural deodorant BUT…TMI…issue in 1,2,3, I STINK!! I sweat even when it’s cold!!! I have tried so many natural deodorants but they just don’t work for me 😦 I will have to give this one ago. Thanks for this post hun ❤ Besos!

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  2. whatmamaknowsaboutcake says:

    Ha, this is brilliant. I’m breastfeeding my 4th, and I have to admit I have never thought about the chemicals in deodorant before… Also tmi, but breastfeeding makes me, er, perspire more than usual 🙂 Saw your link on Mom Life Monday and enjoyed looking around!

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    • patriciaofalltrades says:

      Ahh dear. Yes I can agree with that, same happened to me. I just discovered this two years back and it has changed my mind. It also helps to prevent breast cancer. Might be worth giving natural deodorants a try. Glad you found this useful! Let’s connect!


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