A big milestone…

Hey guys, so long for all the milestones, never thought i would be feeling so nostalgic about this one in particular, but yes, it has hit me, my little boy is no longer a baby, he has officially  entered the toddler-hood realm .(sigh)

Guess what?


Just to give you a little bit of background, My little one was born in the Netherlands, we lived there for nearly two years before moving back to the UK. We particularly loved how everyone cycled everywhere , and we quickly adopted their cycling culture. My bike is called a Mama bike or a moederfiets in dutch, the reason why they called it a mama bike its because its tailored for women to carry their children in it. The space it has allows you to easily put your child in and out of the bike seat easily, and oh boy, it makes so much sense, i love the Dutch because of these brilliant ideas.

He was just 8 months old in this picture (sad face)


So yes guess what?

We have moved him to a toddler seat, as he no longer fits in the baby one (crying again).

The baby seat carries them until 15 kgs, and the toddler seat until they reach the age of 7.


We decided to go for the color red this time as they did not have it in yellow. I still think the red stands out when you are riding your bike, as this makes it more visible to anyone driving.


The only downside is that i cant no longer use my storage bag in the rear part of the bike, it was so useful, particularly when i went grocery shopping. Wahhhhh!

I am thinking of getting a basket to put in the front, but im sure i wont be able to fit as much in it. And it will probably turn out to be “one cute accessory for the bike”.


Happy Friday guys , raise a glass of wine with me as I embrace all the changes of toddler-hood!

Besos 💋

Note: not a sponsored post! 


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