My Afro-Caribbean hair routine

Guys, so here it is, a lot of you have asked me what is my hair routine , and what products do i use.

At the moment, I’m trying to become a bit more Earth conscious and actively buying things that doesn’t  damage the environment. Free from all the nasties.

I am trying out this line from Shea moisture Here , and those are the ones that I Picked. I recently lost a lot of hair due to a bad application of hair color (at a hair salon) , and had to cut all my hair off in order to stop the hair loss. I want it to go for something that was chemical free and this was just the winner. I have also seen very good reviews about it. They are a bit pricey but worth every penny.

My hair is just loose and smelling lush After a wash. Sometimes I would use the hair conditioner to do a wash and go, followed by the curling Gel soufflé . I don’t use it every day as it’s very moisturising and depending on your type of hair , once or twice a week will do!

Im all about restoring my hair at the moment, as it’s needs a lot of TLC. This oil from Weleda (US) Weleda UK , I particularly use it for a night treat with a Satin cap on. I wet my hair almost everyday ( it’s so bad, I know ) , but this oil restores it and helps my hair get its natural shine. 

I also use these two products, to give my hair a rest from the other products. Hairs get tired and bored over time LOL.

I use this leave-in conditioner from Garnier, it just works on my hair and I have been using it since I transitioned to my natural hair. 8 years now and growing strong.

The gel I use Eco styler Is alcohol free and made with olive oil to add extra shine. 

I hope you find this helpful!

Note: This is not a sponsored post.


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