No matter the weather…

So many mums have asked me where do i find the energy and time to step out of the house every other day…


My answer is always this, my main motivation is that when we both go on mini adventures (anywhere really), we come back home recharged and we take the monotony out of the days. When we spent a few days at home, we go crazy, we get cabin fever, My little one loves stepping out to the point that he now signals that he wants to go out, even is its to the front door to kick his football.


Patricia, really? even in foggy weather? Yes, we go out, take some fresh air and enjoy the Bus ride. If you are at stay at home mom, you will probably understand what i mean. You would be surprise as how much kids learn by just being outside.

Another great thing is that i get to walk a lot and l to stay active during the day. My main goal is 10,000 steps/ day, but wont go crazy if i didn’t meet that target on a particular day.


We get to the train station and you can see already his face of excitement waiting for the Choo Choo train. My bag is loaded with snacks and we are all good to go.


We try to be good citizens and stand behind the yellow line as told.


Then we get to lovely oxford city center, and the magic unfolds. We take time to walk along the canals, feed the ducks if the are around, grab something to eat, catch up with a friend if they are available and roam to the shops.


Foggy, damp and cold weather wont ruin my mood. I am choosing to not complain as much this year andย  be grateful for what i have, pause and enjoy my surroundings, even if that means that i will miss the next train home.


When we are out, i am flexible, even if that means to nap in the Buggy , then when that happens i take my time to enjoy some alone time with my thoughts and myself.



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