Art appreciation day out! 

Every other week, we go to the local theatre Cornerstone to check out what they have in their gallery! This was our 1st time back this year…

Ms Cox is a fine artist, and i particularly loved her paintings because of the technique that she uses, which is oil on canvas.

Someone thought the paintings from local artists were quite interesting. It was funny how he reacted to every painting as he flickered through them. I could see how he could indentify a few things in the pictures , and that made me proud!

Here and there, when I got his attention, I took the opportunity to ask him about the colours in the paintings , but he wasn’t at all interested. He just wanted to run around (as you do when you are a toddler). 

I just kept saying to myself, he is absorbing all of this in his own way. He stops and looks , but eventually he continues on shouting, running around, and picking things from the floor …

We started this little tradition last year, and as long as they keep having exhibitions, we will come to all of them. 




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