February 14th is coming! 

Guys, let’s face it , I’m a crazy romantic; and being a mother sometimes can take that away from you. I want to refocused and do things differently this year and the ones to come.

I have come to the realisation that you cannot come short when it comes to the effort and the work that you have to put in to make your marriage work.

Marriage after you have kids, sometimes, can become very monotonous, and this is where we all need that wake up call. Marriage is about friendship , sacrificing, submitting, devotion and ultimately working together to surpass of all the challenges that life brings you.

Being married is not always PINK, but I can tell you that if you decide to look at your partner as an imperfectly perfect individual, then your life will become lighter ( preaching to myself here ), as we all expect so much from other, and often times end up being disappointed by the high expectations we have in our heads.

This year I decided to love and take care of myself, so I can be loved by my husband and my son. Take good care of your soul Momma, you are the pilar of your home!

And remember ,behind a great man, there is always an outstanding woman!


Now go on and enjoy yourselves!


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